What is the archive?

Posting this to address my archive. I started this domain (as Katie On Cities) in the fall of 2016, one year into my undergraduate degree. I didn’t use this term at the time, but looking back it operated as a type of reflective practice on what I was learning in school. It was a place for me to comment on planning ideas I was learning in classes, and relate the content to cities I was living at the time. I’m keeping these posts up because, while they can be cringey, I think that’s the point of engaging in a reflective practice. You should allow yourself to be vulnerable and wrong, like I sometimes was. I was 19/20 when I made those posts and two years into planning school – I was learning and reflecting and engaging and that’s enough. I didn’t know everything. I still really, truly, don’t. But again, that’s the whole point.

I’m separating these reflective posts because my entire reflective practice as it exists in this digital space has obviously not been continuous – the development of my ideas is most definitely not apparent from the last post to these new ones that will pop up. That’s why it is kept separate as an archive even though those posts are still a part of my overall reflective practice as a growing planner – there’s a huge gap in that timeline that has interrupted the flow of reflection. So I’ll start fresh here.

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