Katie in… the National Capital Region!

I haven’t written in a couple of weeks and I figured it’s time to at least provide an update even though I have not yet found the time to dedicate to a legitimate post that will get me back on track.


I have moved! Because of my program’s co-op component, I will be spending the next four months in Ottawa-Gatineau working at Employment and Social Development Canada’s Innovation Lab, where I started on May 1st. The lab is actually located in Gatineau (Hull, to be specific), while I am residing in Ottawa. I think this set-up should make for some interesting location-specific blog posts over the next few months while I commute and explore both cities. Something specific stirring up in my mind is a post about the building where I work, and how it’s arguable that its complex reflects an actual city – but that is for later!

Anyway, this post was just an update. I’m looking forward to some exploring this weekend so I can grab more pictures and experience to write about on here.

— Katie

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